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VS Lithuanian professional fighters

It had been about 3 months since the last time I took Muay Thai (Thai style kick boxing) class and I was looking for a gym and instructor in Kaunas. Marija, the femme fatale’s father kindly introduced me a good pleace close to my apartment.
It was my first experience to work out with professional martial arts fighters who have fought in Japan for K-1, PRIDE and so on. I received kicks throught sand bag and got surprised with the power! Oh, MMA fighter’s amazing moves!
I practice kick boxing for self diffence and excercise, and its standing form is also good when I stand with camera. Marius, the instructor taught me a new way of knee kick and how to attack with elbows in variety. Hmm… I hope I do not have to use them in real life.

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VS a femme fatale from Arab

(Continued from previous update)
I met my friend Laura at BO and she introduced me to her colleague, a mysterious woman.
“Why did I come to Lithuania? OK, I tell you the truth. I pretend myself as a Japanese photographer but I am a KGB spy from Russia. My mission is to investigate beautiful woman in Lithuania. Of course I speak not only Russian but also Lithuanian so you must be careful when you talk in front of me. I understand all what you speak.”
“Oh, I am a spy from Arab and my target is a Japanese spy in Lithuania. In my mission I have to give some little suffering to him. You did not know your GIRLFRIENDS in your room are my team.”
We met again at BO yesterday to fight. The femme fatale, code name “Marija”, was also a highly disciplined belly dancer. I reported my boss about her with some photos of her.

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At studios

My pinter friend Rebeka invited me to her photo practice at a small studio in student residence of Kaunas Technological University on Friday night. Rebeka, I decided to add the photo of you with earring in my website, thanks!
We joined a weekend “meeting – drinking” night at her sculptor Friend’s studio. It was like a lair of artists and I admit that I drank a lot with sculptors, a photographer, painters and an architect. It was sure we wanted more drinks and went to BO and I met my other friends with smoke and alcohol.
To be continued to next update…?
金曜の夜に画家の友人Rebekaが、Kaunas Technological Universityの学生寮にあるスタジオで行う彼女の写真の練習に誘ってくれた。そこで撮影した彼女とイヤリングの写真を私のウェブサイトに掲載することにした。Rebeka、ありがとう。

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The decisions

It is officially decided that my photo exhibition at The Union of Lithuanian Photographers ( is held sometime in second half of the year 2007, possibly in September.
And it is my personal decision that I will move to Lithuania next year, possibly in May or June before my exhibition starts. I am planning of photography and art related agent work among Lithuania, Baltic and European countries.

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I was in Vilnius in the last 2 days for meetings, visiting a photo exhibition and taking photos at t.A.T.u. concert. It was an unusual situation that I was working at zone for press between stage and audience. I attempted analyses of “OK” photos to learn my technical and mechanical disadvantages.
I think unconventionality is to figure out limitations. And I will try new techniques with my equipments at my usual night photos.

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Cat chasing, night stalking

Night is also the world for cats and I love to take photos of them. Usually they are not friendly and do not listen to me at all. Also they move quickly in all direction so it is hard to capture them in photos. I was lucky I could meet a very friendly cat last night, took about 40 photos of him until he found a cute cat and disappear. My next targets were artificial and silent image in the night.

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I am a frustrated lady killer

I have been so frustrated these days…
It has been a month since the last time we had snow in Kaunas and I wish I could go out and take photos of snow covered Lithuania again.
“Ken, do not you feel it cold!?”
“No way, I feel it is comfortable. You are not a real Lithuanian, are you?”
I must confess that I had spent some crazy nights with Lithuanian ladies in my room. They enjoyed kissing and biting my young, fresh, healthy and exotic my body and did not let me sleep until morning. Also, sometimes I had some ladies all at once… like 5 ladies a night. I really wish It happened with real women but I have been so frustreated with aggressiveness of Lithuanian mosquitoes.
“Ken, that is so strange you have such “girl friends” in your room in winter.”
“Well, Lithuanian guys are smoked and alcoholized so I am very sorry for Lithuanian women.”
“Ha, you are a lady killer!”
Last night there was a dog running behind my apartment and I found a woman was keeping her eyes on the dog at the entrance of her house. This unusual weather helped her and the dog at least.

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Blood and silhouettes

Asta, the actress written in this blog on November 24th kindly invited me to her play at a theatre ( last Thursday. I should say that sometimeslanguage barrier is good to watch the play without prejudice. Besides performance by actors and actresses, silhouettes and red symbolizing blood were also impressive.
It is curious that the image of the blood the silhouettes keep reminding me life of many performers and artisits like people I met here and my parents. And that made me conscious that I want criticism on my latest works.

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