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Alone in the mirrors

alone in the mirrors 1alone in the mirrors 2alone in the mirrors 3




There is a mirror which shows cold fire in it. An indigo flame burns sunshine out. What a bloodless bloodlust.

There is a mirror which shows a disappeared actress in it. She applied deadly poisonous acid to her face and mistakenly damaged it fatally. Immature ones cannot notice her hidden fatherly affection.

There is a mirror which shows a tiny crab in it. The innocent crab plays in sanctuary. It meets the real world with its sudden crying.

There is a mirror which shows a large bath tab in it. A piece of cherry tree fossil is floating on warm water. It is a symbol of the guilt for dreaming.

There is a mirror which shows an eccentric tiger in it. He roars so loud and eats an old snake. His absolute love protects and hurts all.

There is a mirror which shows another mirror in it. The two mirrors provoke emotions and merged in everlasting and endless reflections. It is the proof of reason for existence of the mirrors.

And, there I am, alone in the mirrors.








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