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Interview by MIESTO IQ

interview by miesto iq




I had an interview by the magazine MIESTO IQ and it is in stores now. It is strange but I feel I am in Europe. Because of my photo in the page?

雑誌MIESTO IQの取材を受け、掲載号が店頭に並んでいる。おかしなもので、欧州にいる気がする。掲載されている自分の写真のせいだろうか?

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Exhibition at Seimas

exhibition at seimas




My charity photo exhibition started at Seimas (parliament) of the Republic of Lithuania yesterday.
“How can we expand this exhibition and invite more people?”
– We have some ideas for sure.


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Venomous paradoxy

venomous paradoxy




 I updated my website with new photos.

“Black and white”, “sand and seawater”, “bubbles and stones”, and “lifelessness and existence”. Paradoxy is a compound of hidden relevance such as “inner mind and outside”.

The paradoxy I have inside is unbalanced ratio of “neurotoxin and hemotoxin”. Am I sure of targets I have to kill? 




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