I BLUR photos, BLURT my thoughts, feelings, secrets and it is my BLURB!
Words and photos by Kensaku Shioya 写真家・塩谷賢作のブログ


Still life with water

still life with water 1.JPGstill life with water 2.JPG
Rainy weekend, there were many art workshops in the center and the old town in Vilnius night and day on Saturday. I visited some of them and did not get any excitement. My mind was gray like the sky so I was on the streets to take photos. A cup of too sweet hot chocolate, an apple pie and a rainbow in the gray sky made me more withdrawn.
I have some images of still life with water – stasis, colorless, nihility. There is a photo of my dead pet fish and it is also a hint of imagination.

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Exhibition of my photography class students

exhibition of my photography class students.jpg
Students of my photography class in Kaunas finished lessons and had an exhibition of their works. They will learn more from criticism and look over their photos again. Otherwise they will have lack of progress ever. Sometimes they could not make any good result in difficult practice photo sessions so they know their current skills and abilities of their cameras.
The students can create photos freely with limits now and their exhibited works prove the results of their studies in the photography class.

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