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Words and photos by Kensaku Shioya 写真家・塩谷賢作のブログ


Like a swallowtail in winter

It was miracle but inevitable that I met the swallowtail in mid-November last year. The swallowtail was newly-emerged in cold wind and I was given thoughts and inspirations instantaneously from it. Then I felt rather strongly that I live as a photographer. I believe I naturally have power to encounter life force in people and creatures. Therefore, I use the photo of the swallowtail as a symbol of my website.
When I met a singer Azami ( and gave her my business card with a photo of the swallowtail she told me that she sings a song called “A swallowtail in winter”. Of course she did not know I took the photo in winter. As following the swallowtail’s navigation I went to Azami’s concert last night. While I was listening to the song I felt like I was looking at myself floating in thoughts and phantasmal visions of future.
I have been scheduling to travel in Lithuania in October and stay there for a few months. I will visit the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers and galleries to have discussion about opportunities of my exhibitions there in the next fiscal year, and Lithuanian and Japanese embassies for future business and activities. I surely will take tons of photos everywhere in the country. It would be wonderful if I also could visit to Russia and surrounding countries.
Harmful effects of American capitalism and too much temptations of childish satisfaction in Japan make me weak. I cannot get caught died in here. I am ready fly to Lithuania to fly in the new world like a swallowtail in winter.
The vertical orders of colors of the photos mean:
Left: national flag of Lithuania
Right: Japan absorbed by (to) USA

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Duwite May
Michihiro Ohata
After my photo class I went to a concert in Shinjuku 2 chome (where is know as an area for gay people) produced by Reiji who is my good friend from Nagoya. All were cool and impressive!
Chiho, a vocalist of Duwite May confessed that she had been scared of my edgy eyes since the last time we met and she could hardly talk to me. It also made me surprised that she said I look very different with kind eyes and feeling.
Lately I have heard same words from my friends. Also, people say that my new works look very different in comparison with old ones. I knowt there are some definite reason and first of all I would like to say thanks to my firends and who support me.
写真教室の後、新宿二丁目(ご存知ゲイのメッカ)で 仲良しの伶時さん主催の音楽会に。みんなステキで印象深かった。

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Shioya style photo class “2nd”

DSC05780.JPGSample photos for students
GSC_0059.jpgPhoto by Kaiji
I had 6 students at my 2nd photo class. It is pleasure that students enjoy taking photos more with improvement. One of them requested me a video shooting class and of course I am happy to do it.

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Extra photos

Sometimes extra photos are useful in unexpected way.

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Overseas call

I called a friend in East Europe around 5:30am to say good night. Because of time difference we were at the time to go to bed. When I got up I found there was a message on my mobile answering machine. It was a call from my friend in USA who has sent me a mail with her poem and picture. I woke up my sleepy head and called her back. Next one I called was a potential customer in Hong Kong. I am not sure which time zone I am living in.
I had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Shibuya with friends. A web disigner, a semiconductor specialist and medical/pharmaceutical related. We enjoyed talking about international relationship, thanatology, and some work related topics. Of course we were not so serious…

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Kick, work and technodelic

Sunday night: I took Muay Thai (Thai style kick boxing) class. It is a good exercise and its standing form is well stablized so I naturally stand in that way when I take photos. (in the photo I practice left middle kick. I love front kicks and right high kick.)
Monday afternoon: It was sunny and good to take my clent’s portrait outside. She has had her hair silvery when we met at the first time and she changed its color every time we met up for photos.
And now for ten seconds of sex… no, I am not watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I am listening to my favorite CD “Technodelic” by YMO and considering where the best place to display a poster of its album photo is.

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Breakdancers under a skyscraper

My friend Richard ( took me to the area of skyscrapers in Shinjuku for research and taking photos. I have known there is a place where young breakdancers gather in the nights. Unfortunately we could not meet dancers Richard wanted me to take photos so we will come again and create an article for a magazine.
We moved to my exhibition place and discussed about future works. I also would like us to enter and work underground again.

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More overseas business

I had a dinner with a friend who also worked with an American State Office in Japan. We talked a lot about our business plans for future and she has been working on establishment of organization like liaison which supports investment and business development between Japan and the states. Also, she has been supporting Mongolian administration officials.
I remembered my privious job and am happy we are both on our way we chose. She recommended that I take photos in Mogolia, of course I desired it.

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I am still hungry

It was raining and so humid in Tokyo today, grrrrrrrr! I got so sweaty while I was walking on streets.
For articles of METROPOLIS(, a very popular English magazine in Japan, I went to take photos of a Croatian restaurant in Kyobashi and a bar in Takadanobaba. After photo shoot was over I visited METROPOLIS office in Omotesando to meet up a new person in charge and submit today’s work data.
I naturally got hungry very much so that I came back home immediately. I had a big bowl of rice, 250g beef steak
with garlic, huge Italian style tomato salad and vegetable potage soup with soy milk. Of course I cooked them all by myself.
It is the time to relax with DVDs, hehehe.

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Living without house and home

In response to a request from my friend in UK I update a photo of the night in my area. Well, in fact I got many requests for my night photo works on website/blog. I have been working on a membership page of my website and I will show unreleased photos to who desires more.
There are many people who do not need house/home in my area. I can hardly say they are homeless people because they chose the way of life. They can have house and home everywhere under the sky without construction.

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