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Cold Ethyl and her icy metamorphosis

cold ethyl and her icy metamorphosis.JPG
I disassembled a freezer in “Минск16”, an old-fashioned refrigerator in the kitchen. The freezing machine was covered with much ice and it was a childish fun to defrost with a blade. There was a pupa inside of the refrigerator. I took it out and put in a chipped bowl. I named the pupa “Cold Ethyl” and kept my eyes on her.
Few days later she became a mature lady and played on a plastic net covering the bowl. I hoped her not to get caught in spider web. She did not leave the “bowl room” for a long time after I removed the net. She did not like hot outside with sun light, did she?
“One thing I miss is Cold Ethyl and her skeleton kiss
We met last night making love under the refrigerator light
Ethyl Ethyl let me squeeze you in my arms
Ethyl Ethyl come and freeze me with your charms”
“Cold Ethyl” by Alice Cooper
台所にある古めかしいМинск16という名の冷蔵庫の冷凍室を分解した。冷凍機はたくさんの氷に包まれていて、刀を使って霜取りをするのは子供じみていたが面白かった。冷蔵庫の中に蛹(さなぎ)があった。取り出して欠けた丼に移した。Cold Ethylと名づけて、彼女を監視していた。
「俺が恋しいのはCold Ethylとあいつのおざなりな口づけ
 Ethyl  Ethyl 腕の中で強く抱きしめさせてくれ
 Ethyl  Ethyl そばに来てお前の色気でゾッとさせてくれ」
“Cold Ethyl” by Alice Cooper

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New website is open

My website is newly open.
There are new photography categories and more photos on current pages. Slide-show system helps viewers to see my photos easily and some categories look efficient as I suppose.
“Videography” is a new content which includes some movie files of behind the scene of my photo works. I will add my movie works in the future.
It would be appreciated if you enjoyed my new works.

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A designless celebration

a designless celebration 1.JPGa designless celebration 2.JPG
a designless celebration 3.JPGa designless celebration 4.JPG
a designless celebration 5.JPGa designless celebration 6.JPG
a designless celebration 7.JPGa designless celebration 8.JPG
The combination of a sweet cake and tea called “Seven Samurais” were good to start with a day without plans. I went to the Vilnius railway station with a bag of burgers. I did not feel like to go to the North so some of unknown town names in the South and East looked interesting. It was only 45 minutes to Kena, a town close to the border with Republic of Belarus.
There are no cafe, restaurants and bars but only a grocery shop. Old people were sitting on benches in front of the apartments and talking. Boys were playing cards at the entrance. Young people were riding cars and motor bikes or sitting on the road and chatting.
I just walked in the small town for 2 hours until the last train leaves. It was the day of my 35th birthday.

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