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Footloose walkers

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Ishiko’s new project is to walk around the world. He stays in each city for a week and writes articles for Japanese papers, magazines and blog with his photographs. He has walked in India, Nepal, Finland, Germany, and England and came to Lithuania. The footloose walker is also an art director and discovers art and culture.
Ihiko’s blog:
I, a night walker, recently have been a day walker, too. We encountered strange objects, graffiti and unique people in Kaunas and Vilnius, and can hardly stop talking about life and art in foreign countries.

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The music of Erich Zann

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The inside of the 1914 built apartment is an entrance of gloomy creation. Ascending stone spiral stair which twines unused elevator in the center of a darkish hall and absorbing light little by little from the glass roof. Unlock a font door with three keys and play music of Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra in a large old Lithuanian style living room to start the time for imagination with otherworldy nature. Curious visions and melodies come up in my mind and I feel like I am listening to the music of Erich Zann.
1914年に建てられたアパートの内側は陰鬱な創造への扉。薄暗いホールの中心にある使われなくなったエレベーターにからまる石造りの螺旋階段を昇り、ガラスの天井から少しずつ光を浴びてゆく。三本の鍵で玄関を開け、古いリトアニア式の大きな居間にLithuania National Symphony Orchestraの曲を流して異世界に根源を持つ想像の時間を始める。不可思議な空想と旋律が気持ちに押し寄せ、Erich Zannの音楽を聴いているような気分になる。

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