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Joy of failures

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A new student of my photo class was an absolute beginner and active to take photos of creatures in the yard behind my apartment. A boy who played with grasses and dug ground and caught worms, and some cats, they were all good model for the student practice and I taught her that she always had better carry small bags of sweets and cat foods as fee (bribe).
I have had a request of attend my photo class from her when I was in Tokyo and checked some text books of “guide to digital camera photography” published in Japan for the purpose of reference. And no books were written about “how to enjoy photography” very much. The text books instruct how to use digital cameras and make good photos with samples by professionals.
“Let’s image that you divide the screen in 3. 2/3 is the space for sky and 1/3 below is for ground. The photo of sky and ground looks well and balanced by doing this”
Yes, it is the thing certainly called basic but why no books say “Look at sky at first then at ground.”? Resolving basic in various approaches means to challenge the basic. Do not repeat and believe in basics blindly or no joy of failures and success of “This one is the best shot!”.

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Eyes of a dominatrix

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I had been hyperactive and super busy in the last 2 weeks in Tokyo since the last update of this blog. My days were full of appointments and I had been meeting people and traveling in Tokyo area from early morning to very late night every day. Naturally I had very good times with my friends and business related people – all of them are active and interesting ever.
Some areas of big stations have been changed while I was out of Japan for 2 years. They now look like uncharming stock farm with “modern” buildings. I could hardly find sharp-eyed even in the back street in Kabukicho. The city was not attractive at all. I enjoyed brief time as a person in the city of consumption but it was not for my desires.
Therefore, I was searching shady people to capture in my photos. I went back to my proving ground and took photos of street people. I had little feelings of tension and unsafety but not like I used to be… the place is just a proving ground and I have already been out of there.
It is quiet here in my room in Vilnius and I am looking at the pale-blue sky through windows. I think people are staying at home for Easter. I will start reading novels by Haruhiko Oyabu and thinking of violent deviance with ecstasy. I remember a dominatrix I met in Tokyo and I still not have seen tattoos on her back. We will have photo sessions when I return to Tokyo next time. The photos would make Lithuanians shocked but I do not care of such taboos. I know I also have eyes of a dominatrix for slaves.

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