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I’ve got you on my skin

kensaku_1kensaku_4kensaku_8Check this website: created high-quality vinyl skin products with my photos. The skins are available for many items like lap-top, PC, mobile phone, mobile games, camera, refrigerator and so on.

I have ordered a customized skin for my lap-top. May I skin my refrigerator, too?



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Back in snow covered Vilnius. I am listening to live recording tracks of David Bowie in 1995 with Nine Inch Nails. I bought many CDs and DVDs in Tokyo and they are like tranquilizers for me. I want to refuse linguistical communication for a while.

It is decided that I publish my first photo book April. I have been thinking about the title of it – I think I have nearly found it with clues.

雪のヴィルニスに帰ってきた。Nine Inch Nailsと共演したDavid Bowieの1995年のライブ音源を聴いている。東京ではたくさんのCDとDVDを購入したが、どれも精神安定剤みたいなものだ。しばらくの間は言語学的な意思疎通を謝絶したい。


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