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When a man loves a cake

when a man loves a cake




My friend, a gentleman in Kaunas took me to a newly opened cake shop.  Another friend, a lady joined us and we had very nice time with very very delicious chocolate and cherry cake in strong wind and rain.

I went to Kaunas again and bought a whole piece of the cake. The 15cm cake is mine, only for me – I wished so. It is too big to finish by myself for sure so I served it to some other ladies. “When a man loves a cake, he must not forget that women comes around like bees flit from flower to flower.”



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Exhibition at Vilnius City Office

exhibition at vilnius city office 1exhibition at vilnius city office 2exhibition at vilnius city office 3




 (Kensaku Shioya’s blog “BLUR +T +B” is marged with the official website today with improved photo-viewing system.)

I have started an exhibition at Vilnius City Office from today. We had many guests and mayor of Vilnius attended the opening celemony. We are planning a tour of this photo exhibition in Lithuania and next place would be Kaunas.

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