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Martial methods

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The attendees of the fourth annual festival of the martial arts in Lithuania were mix of amateur/professional and several martial arts. Muay Thai, grappling, aikido, self-defence etc. – each martial art has unique technique and theory and the attendees tried unexperienced and different ways at seminars.

The reasons I practice Muay Thai (kick boxing) are all connected to my work. I wonder what martial art fighters can learn from photography and I think the methods of adjust the timing and distance against targets, and direct eyes on important things with quickness will work. Hmm, I understand why I give a martial and penetrating glance to target when I take photos.



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Unindentified identity

unindentified identity




“Mr. M. – sociologist, associate professor of National Defense Academy”
I know his house and office addresses but I have never met him in life. And I will never run across him for real. I found his business cards in a secondhand book “Venus in Furs” by Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch long time ago. Only the fact of accidental encounter keeps my relationship with him even the book already has gone.

 “A dragonfly – unknown”
It was dying on the road, picked up by my hands and placed in a crease of a paper envelope. Its wings will be used as a bookmark in a secondhand book “Secret Rendezvous” by Kobo Abe. I do not care where the wings will go.

「M氏 ‐ 社会学者、防衛大学助教授」

「蜻蛉 ‐ 正体不明」

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