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Fresh blood montages

For this article only Japanese version is currently written. English version will apperar in the future but no photos availavle ever.

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Cool as a reptile

cool as a reptile 1.JPGcool as a reptile 2.JPG
I ordered two glasses of orange juice after a meeting with editors of an architecture magazine. We usualy do not have ice in softrdinks at restaurants in Lithuania. I went to another cafe and had a glass of iced lime and mint tea. It is also common that air-condition are not working in the cafe and restaurants here. It is good but I wanted to get cool down.
There is a small river a few minutes walk behind the Cathedral located in the center of Vilnius, the capital. I took off my shows and enjoyed the cold water. This primitive method works for everyone and ducks. I felt like I was a reptile, thought of hot and spicy Indian dinner and ironically wished I could live in reptilian interval and quantity of meal to survive.

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Losts and founds

Losts and founds 1.JPGLosts and founds 2.JPG
Everyone can create some visceral fiction from lost articles but I believe that finding the oweners must be more provocative joy.

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A dragon summoned in the ruined church

A dragon summoned in the ruined church 1.JPGA dragon summoned in the ruined church 2.JPGA dragon summoned in the ruined church 3.JPG
I was invited to a dance performance at the ruined church. A dancer entwined 2 red long textiles hung from the roof on her body and ascended them as a dragon. The fantasic dragon admired audiences and the summoners gave a glimpse of their power by dancing everywhere in the acres of rooms.

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Birthday party at home

Birthday party at home 1.JPGBirthday party at home 2.JPGBirthday party at home 3.JPG
Birthday party at home 4.JPGBirthday party at home 5.JPG
Birthday party at home 6.JPGBirthday party at home 7.JPG
I finally had a party at home for getting temporary visa, late house-warming and my birthday yesterday. Although most of people I invited were out of town and the country because of weekend and vacation, I had 20 guests last night.
To welcome the guests I cooked typical Japanese soy-bean soup with see weeds, cold bean curd served with minced leeks and grated ginger, vegetable sushi, shrimp and vegetable stir-fry with Chinese rice wine sauce and Thai green curry with noodles. It was nice that “drinkers” also enjoy SAKE with salty fermented tuna guts! The guests were interested in my photos I took in this town last year and I am planning to have an exhibition here with the photos.
Well, it was the legitimate right for the birthday man to request something special to the guests and the beautiful ladies kindly accepted to come in to my bed…. approved by their husbands, boyfriends and male friends. Yes, I also had time with the gentlemen in my bed for commemorative photos, hahaha!

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