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Private space by the windowsill

private space by the windowsill 1.JPGprivate space by the windowsill 2.JPG
I have been sick in these days and staying at home a lot. Sometimes I stand at a balcony to see outside. Although the space of the windowsill is usually occupied by fancy goods and plant pots, I found some use the space for their private use. I also sat down there like them. Hmm, it is not so bad with cookies and novels.

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Alliance of anti-hibernation

alliance of anti-hibernation 1.JPGalliance of anti-hibernation 2.JPG
alliance of anti-hibernation 3.JPGalliance of anti-hibernation 4.JPG
The typical harmful effect of sunny and warm spring days is that night birds turn into normal people. My nocturnal life has been blown away by vernal breeze. Damn, every day I naturally wake up in the morning and get sleepy before midnight.
Frogs with mating calls, predacious insects and snails in gray status – the members of Alliance anti-hibernation around weekend houses were all so active in their political activities and bid me to join the alliance. Meanwhile I met a frog in a torpid state when I plowed up a potato field. The deadish one enduring iausterities was the other figure of the party members and me.

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