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Website update – June 27th

website update - june 27th.JPG
I have just updated my website ( and added many new photos in “Nocturnal Shadows”. I am excited to have opinions and evaluations for the photos of the nights in Japan, USA and Lithuania. Next update is on July 4th.
ウェブサイトを更新してNocturnal Shadowsに大量の写真を追加した。日本、アメリカそしてリトアニアの夜の写真についての意見や評価を心待ちにしている。次回の更新は7/4の予定。

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Now it is the time of website update

now it is the time of website update.JPG
An interview by a journalist and her daughter of naturism, meetings with govenmental and art related people, discussion about my exhibition, a sudden visiting to contemporary art center to introduce a project by 2 famous Japanese artists, negotiation with a client, research activities for work and a party in the late night…
There were a lot of events and encounters last week and it was my pleasure to hear that many people liked my website and photos. However, now it is the time to expose many new photos there and works in Lithuania are essential. I am extensively going to update my website ( this week.

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At ruins

at ruins 1.JPGat ruins 2.JPGat ruins 3.JPG
at ruins 4.JPGat ruins 5.JPGat ruins 6.JPG
It is fun to sneak in to ruins and see the mix of the result of destruction and many things left behind by current dwellers. I had a photo session at one of ruins with other photographers today and it was slightly decadent and productive moment. It is curious and I do not know why I have seen many Russian books there.

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Mylene for logy morning

mylene for logy moments.JPG
I am like a gloomy lizard in bed in the morning, remembering the dreams of the last night and wishing return to them. It is lucky if songs of Mylene Farmer on cable TV gets me up.
Thinking of go to bed with Mylene, I guess she would like laugh and take her clothes off in the immediate stasis and I make her captured in deep black and white portraits.
朝はベッドの中で陰鬱な蜥蜴、昨夜の夢を思い出しながらそこに戻りたいと思う。ケーブルTVから流れるMylene Farmerの歌が起こしてくれれば言うことはない。

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Around 11pm

around 11pm.JPG
I was looking at the sky at sundown through bus window. It was still bright on the edge of the sky in Lithuania around 11pm. The fuzzy gradation in rosy glow of sundown and nightblack, and I was fascinated with a part of the sky of the water blue colour. I have been captivated by it and that is absolute.

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