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Defeat with growth

defeat with growth 1.JPGdefeat with growth 2.JPG
The matches for young kick boxers was organized by Lithuanian Muay Thai Union. The gym in an elementaly school was full of massive men and sound of aches and pains. The losers learned from defeat and it is the must to gain.
I hear that about 7000 people joined in demonstrations againt increase of tax on the weekend. Some turned into a mob, destroyed shops and got arrested. What a silly fight!

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Matutinal joy

matutinal joy 1.JPGmatutinal joy 2.JPG
Yesterday morning, around 8 – It was -11C outside and I was taking photos at balcony. I have got my bones caught by the chill through night clothes. The other rooms connected to one next doors are like medical research facilities and a woman in a white coat has already started her works.
This morning, about 5:30 – I fixed toilet tank equipments AGAIN! Disassembled premetive water pressure system gave me much splash. And I was thinking of its complicated compositions.

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Life in nigritude

life in nigritude 1.JPGlife in nigritude 2.JPG
The things of the year-end and New Year holidays – Top 10 pics of stupid black metal, a 5 month old big black dog, black bread, icy black river, snow-covered black leather coat, “Black Tie White Noise” by David Bowie…
And I am living as a nocturnal shadow at this moment as ever.
年末年始の事‐デスメタルのマヌケな写真トップ10、生後五か月の大きな黒犬、黒パン、凍てつく黒い川、雪まみれの黒い革コート、David Bowieの「Black Tie White Noise」など・・・。

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