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Although he did not remember what he has dreamed, he had a feeling of lack. He woke up with sleepy head, turned the pages of his “dream – diary” and there was nothing to write down. Took a shower, dried his spiky short hair, opened a makeup box and then he was a she. He was walking around an X-rated movie theater as his work on alternate days. Taxi drivers saw her on the street and were afraid they encountered the angel of death at dusk.

On a shabby carpet in a gloomy tiny room, a fat lad was kissed roughly by her and felt like he has got his face sandpapered. “Are you a man?” She only smiled and kept her mouth barely opened in the shades of her long brown hair. He stopped thinking and asking what will happen next.

“Do I live free? Hmm, People want to live free like a bird but I know it is totally nonsense. If I were a bird I always would have to feel my body temperature, eat ugly worms and travel a lot… so disgusting! I would rather be a butterfly with big and grace wings… eating sweet flower syrup and moving to places with lights all the time. We do not have to think how to live free if we are so.”

It was smoky in a taxi. He noticed that the taxi driver was silently laughing at him. He remembered that his grandfather taught that a butterfly lost its legs is no longer diurnal. He was not interested in what she lost but wanted to lick again her very thin rib bones like nervule. He was still tasting her floury skin in his mouth.





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“Lunatic Stage”

lunatic stage




In the late night, I listen to the voice of the actors on a “Lunatic Stage”. In the time of awakening, I watch the plays of the actors in my dream. I am lack of equilibrium but I feel I got my sense of smell recovered a little. I am thinking of the faces of others.

夜遅く、「lunatic stage」の役者たちの声を聴く。目覚めの時、夢の中の役者達が演じる様を観る。感情が均衡していないが、自分の嗅覚が少し回復してきたのがわかった。他人の顔についての考え。

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Missing link

missing link




Here in my blog I did not want to write about anything happened in Japan while I was there. My deep thoughts are aimed on reality and fiction, listening to chill out music and Iggy Pop and I have been talkative but silent in mind… is it an approach to myself like dissociative identity disorder? The missing link between those extreme opposites is buried in words – as I write. Write, write, write… that is the other side of me.

日本にいる間、このブログに現地で起こったことをあれこれと書き記すことはしたくなかった。深い思慮は現実と虚構に向かい、チルアウトミュージックとIggy Popを聴き、あれこれと口を開くが内心では沈黙している・・・これは解離性同一性障害のような自身への接触なのだろうか?これらの対極的な物事の間にある「失われた鎖」は、「自身が書き連ねる」言葉に埋葬されている。書いて、書いて、書いて・・・それがもう一つの自分。

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