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Words and photos by Kensaku Shioya 写真家・塩谷賢作のブログ


“Crystal Mask”

crystal mask.JPG
My photos of the dance performance on Sunday were added in their official website ( Comparing to photos by others and thinking what “I could not do at the time” like discovering secret level of my photography. It is a typical attitude in my professional life and this kind of criticism is not necessary in my personal life with something admires me.
Here I have a wizend colour photo copy of “Crystal Mask”, a printing by Erte. I remember the very first time I saw the original print when I was eighteen, it was a shock and I could not leave from it for a few hours. I went to a gallery again very next day and bought it even I could hardly afford it. I thought I had to own it or I would not grow into artistic personality in the future. After years, because of very complicated and unexpected reasons, my “Crytal Mask” was taken away from me. I think I was not living artistic at the time and it was a karma I lost it.
It was a coincidence that I found a gellary in Tokyo had a copy of the “Crystal Mask” last week. I asked my mother to contact them and she answered me next day “Your loving lady will be delivered to me tomorrow morning.” Although I need to check an edition number of the copy I used to own, it is highly possible that I have got my loving lady back to me.
Even she comes back to me and we will be able to meet in Lithuania it is sure she keeps smiling to me indirectly through her crystal mask. I can accept her style and be happy with it in different points of view I did not have before.
ここに皺だらけのErte作、Crystal Maskのカラーコピーがある。十八歳のときに初めて原画を見たときのことを覚えている、衝撃を受けて数時間そこから離れることができなかった。翌日画廊を再び訪れ、とても手が出せるような金額ではなかったが購入を決めた。手に入れなければ将来芸術的な自分を形成することなどできないと思ったからだ。数年後とても複雑かつ予期せぬ事情で、私のCrystal Maskは私から引き離された。その時には全く芸術的な自分ではなかったので、失ったのも因果応報だと思った。
先週偶然にも東京のある画廊がCrystal Maskを所有していることがわかった。母に連絡してもらうように頼むと、翌日の返事は「貴方の愛した女性は、明日の午前中に家に届くわよ。」。以前所有していた作品の限定番号を確認しなければいけないが、私が愛した女性が帰ってきた可能性が高い。

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A dying dragon

a dying dragon 1.JPGa dying dragon 2.JPG
I was invited to the dance performance again on Sunday. The inside of the ruined church had different atmospheres with the sun light from windows at 15:00 and 19:00 programs. The dragon flew in the dark and approached death.
(Photos of the privoius reharsal:

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Minion of killer instinct

minion of killer instinct.JPG
The Japanse “KATANA” blade will keep its sharpness after decaptated 100 people. Draw the vorpal weapon with right weight and gaze at the flaming silver which reflects my killer instinct. I imagine all targets inside of myself and slay them with no mercy.

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Reset and reshape

reset and reshape.JPG
Cool autumn breeze comes into my room and make a cup of hot Japanese green tea cool down. A bee took a dead fly away by the window and I feel calm and balanced.
I had been dreaming of so many visions for about a month and they merged in visions like montage photos. Dead Indian girls, black tea in a crystal glass, skyscrapers with rain, inorganic virtual fighting arena and so on, I kept seeing the visions everyday and I found fresh blood in all visions and it increased in quantity day by day. Dead Indian girls were bleeding from their ears and the blood stain became bloodbath, black tea became blood in the crystal glass, the virtual fighting arena looked organic with the blood and rain of blood came down on the skyscrapers. I was absolutely fearless and enjoyed the bloody montages in my dreams.
In thoughts of objectivity and subjectivity, existence and expression, and the moment and dependence I realized I recently had been enthusiastic and rushed around in circles to make results and answers immediately.
I made the decision and started creation of new photography with my own emotions and feelings. It is completely opposite from my current photography style and I am not scared to accept any kind of growing pains.
Now I am released and concentrate entirely on the creation. What I need are reset and reshape, not any emotional rescue and interests in the future.

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