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Special self-portrait

special self-portrait 1.JPG special self-portrait 2.JPG
I have been so sick for a long time and finally went to a doctor. Doctor’s questions, blood test and X-ray. I am with a diagnosis of viral bronchitis.
The clinic is private and cannot cover all medical costs by insurance so that I had pay alot but everything was done in 90 min and they gave me 2 nice pictures of my special self-portrait.
X-ray technician are absolutely very strict with compositions and positions of patients. I hope to have such dignity and authority to my models.

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It was not raining but now

it was not raining but now 1.JPG it was not raining but now 2.JPG
It was so sunny and warm when I visited the daily activity center for disabled people in Kretinga. I made photos in black and white like the other photos of the last update.
It is raining so hard now and it is comfortable with less colors.

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