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In a TV studio

in a tv studio 1in a tv studio 2




Life surrounded by TV cameras and equipments – I had about 6 years of such life at a broadcasting center. I worked for news, sports and documentaries, not in studios.  Sometimes I went to see how other staff work in TV studios and I prefered live works outside.

I was invited to LNK TV for interview, went there in rain – remembered the hard times at working in bad weathers and typhoons. I was the one who was recored by camera, not the who records. Digitalized materials were quickly saved in their main server – no more betacam tapes. The interview will be broadcasted on December 19th at 4pm.



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The scar, the eye

the scar, the eye 1

the scar, the eye 2

the scar, the eye 3

the scar, the eye 4

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Snow tea

snow tea 1snow tea 2




Last night I was given a copy of Aurelija Stankute’s book fresh from the press. I worked for the poet for her portrait and she chose my photo for the book cover too. I would like to know how readers think about the combination of our collaborated book.

I woke up very early in the morning, went to the balcony for fresh cold air and I got powder snow melt in a cup of hot black tea. It is too early to wake tropical fish up in an aquarium.

昨夜、刷り上がったばかりだというAurelija Stankuteの本をもらった。この詩人の肖像写真を撮り、彼女は私の写真も表紙に選んだ。読者が我々の共同作品をどう思うか知りたい。


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