I BLUR photos, BLURT my thoughts, feelings, secrets and it is my BLURB!
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you are not my emotional rescue.JPG
I was only abandoned myself to emotions and releasing the shutter.
I was repeating the meaning of this photo work inside of me..
I was glad that the view got much foggy with time as I expected.
What “YOU” means are in mind and they are all I should not be addicted to.
(My website is updated with the new photos: )

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Hare of fear

hare of fear.JPG
Kristina told me that the hare of a copperplate print is a symbol of fear in Greek mythology. A fearless hare became feared.
The hare is staring at me and I will be looking at myself with similar gazes through lens when I take photos of my emotions tomorrow.

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“Kensaku Shioya” style photography class

Kensaku Shioya style photography class.JPG
There opened a “Japanese Culture Center Tsuru” in Kaunas and we had an opening party yesterday. Tsuru (crane) is one of the seasonal words of haiku for winter and I introduced 2 haiku with the word by Sugita Hisajo in my congratulatory speech.
“Kensaku Shioya style photography class” will start soon as one of the programs of the center. I used to have this class in Tokyo and it is an anticipating fun to teach Lithuanians. (Please check the center’s website for more information and contact:
Kaunasに「鶴 日本文化センター」が開校し、昨日はそのオープニングパーティー。鶴は冬の季語の一つなので、杉田久女が鶴を詠んだ二つの句を祝辞にて紹介した。

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Undiscovered emotionalism

undiscovered emotionalism 1.JPGundiscovered emotionalism 2.JPG
Targets of my photography are usually for their natural expressions and I do not like fabrications very much except artists. I need abilities of hunters to shoot them quickly so Muay Thai (kick-box) training is also good for practice of this. Recently I started taking classical ballet lessons and understood it is a new practice for photography. I should learn very basic steps and movements as same as Muay Thai but concepts are extremely opposite. I need to synchronize imagination and intelligence with physical moves as self-expression and this is absolutely not required in such martial arts.
As I have confessed, I was not interested in photos as forms of self-expression but started this new style due to my personal reason. The “fresh blood montages” in dreams have gone and too many thoughts and feelings made me insomniac recently. I have been practicing how to project my emotions in photography like an amateurish dancer. The title of this work is decided and that is what I have been thinking a lot everyday. The time of photo session is coming soon.

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Chilly church and confetti

chilly church and confetti 1.JPGchilly church and confetti 2.JPGchilly church and confetti 3.JPG
I went to Vilnius to take photos of the dance performance on Saturday ( It was chilly inside of the church at a reharsal from 13:00. The performance began at 21:00 and I felt like a dragon slayer and a maiden killer in the sacred place. I can hardly feel the temperature and smell anything when I go hunting.
It started snowing on the way back to Kaunas around midnight and the first snow of this winter looked like a ticker-tape parade in the cold wind.
土曜日はダンスパフォーマンス撮影のため首都Vilniusへ(。午後1時のリハーサルの時点で教会の中はすでに冷え切っていた。 午後9時開演、聖なる場所で龍殺しと乙女殺しの心境。獲物を狩っている最中は温度や匂いを感じない。

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Improvisatorial Monday night

improvisatorial monday night.JPG
SMS, dinner, architects from Moscow, noise-industrial concert, medicinal liquor “999″, a self-despair girl, a weak stray cat, constellation Orion, Philip Glass and Bjork, a cup of black tea with much ginger and condensed milk and the end of mind games.
Everythig was improvisingly happened but concluded with settlement in the night of Monday.
SMS、ディナー、モスクワから来た建築家、ノイズ系インダストリアルライブ、薬用酒999、自暴自棄の女、弱った野良猫、オリオン座、Philip GlassとBjork、大量のショウガとコンデンスミルクの入った紅茶に駆け引きの終焉。

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