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Returning to fetish night life

returning to fetish night life.JPG
New photos of “Dance Macabre 19 FETISH” are added on my website htp://
Saturday night, and club “MUSE” was filled up with loud beat and attractive gazes. I was injected 20ml of absinth in to my throat twice by a DJ/organizer while I was taking photos. Girls were kissing and a gas-masked slave was tortured by 2 dominatrix ladies.
I am very sleepy but finally returning to night life. Winter comes and my thoughts shine like leather.
Dance Macabre 19 FETISHの写真をウェブサイトに追加。htp://

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Graffiti and whispers

graffiti and whispers.JPG
I newly added Spain photos on my website
The streets in Valencia were covered with laughs and graffiti and shady whispers came from “chocolate” African and “tranny” Spanish street sisters.
Jonathan Bellés, the other participant of the exhibition at O+O uploaded a movie of the opening party on youtube .
I remember the days in Spain and am thinking where I go to next.
同じく展示会の出展者であるJonathan Bellésが、youtubeでO+Oでのオープニングパーティーの模様を公開した。(

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