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“Vice Blood”

vice blood




 Vice was sleeping in a basket. The tiny soft-charcoal colored finch was sold to a man by a black-market broker. The man brought Vice to his place and started feeding fresh eggs to the baby creature. When he prepared the feed he always cut his finger with a sharp knife and mix blood in it. After Vice became mature enough to fly, he let vice out from a cage and live in his bedroom every day. He liked the room vaguely smelled of feathers and excrement which was like liquid incense. It was certain that he was scared of sleeping lately even he liked very thoughtful moments after waking up. He kept dreaming interesting and well but after woke up he sometimes thought of past in real life and it made him depressed. So that he did not want to sleep and encounter such moment. The aroma of the bed room helped him being content and insomnia.

In addition to flying practice, Vice was given opportunities of feeding itself. At first the man obtained a new-born canary from a pet shop. A previous owner put the 2 week old bird on her palm, the bird suddenly tried to fly but failed. It fell on to floor and hit its head hard. She was not interested in the canary with brain contusion and paid extra to the pet shop to have another mature one as exchange. The defective canary was twitching and not able to walk normally. In the cage for training Vice repeated flying on and leaving from the nonresistant animal, then its sharp and hard beak got bloody. Secondly, he left a small egg in a cage and Vice spent a long time to break the shell. Later, he also fed some mouse (both alive and defrosted) but he found that Vice eats only bird blood and eggs.

Vice was a successful experience of aviculture of rare species. The man thought Vice was well friendly to him any time. Vice liked to perch on his finger, make it wounded by its strong beak and suck blood directly. It was the only exceptional of what Vice ate. Another remarkable fact was that Vice protected and warmed an unfertilized egg. Therefore, according to some skeptical results of inprinting, it was possible that Vice could identify her symbiont and targets. This optimistic and unscientific research and results were good enough for the end of this stage of his preparation, but he had no relationship in ornithological studies and movement to protect gems of bird life.

The man put Vice in a cage most of the time with a lot of feed and she produced much rich excretion. He named this water soluble paint “Vice Blood” with unknown dark puce color, and spent 7 month to draw an abstract picture. Vice’s feathers were also mixed and used for stereoscopic effect and feeling of vitality. “Vapor Void”, the picture with author’s blood signature was put in the basket and left in the empty bedroom, as same as Vice was sleeping there before.




男はViceを鳥籠の中に長時間入れておくようになり、Viceは上質の排泄物を多量に出した。男は、見たこともない暗蚤色をしたその水溶性の絵の具を「Vice Blood」と命名し、七か月かけて一枚の抽象画を描き上げた。Viceの羽毛も立体感と生命感を出すために混ぜて用いられている。作者の血の署名が入ったその作品「Vapor Void」は、籠の中に入れられ、何も残っていない寝室に置かれていた。かつてViceがそこで眠っていたように。

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