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The death of an actor

Right: Tetsuro Tanba
Left: Juzaburo Akechi (my father)
I had an extra video-shooting class tonight and remembered that I used to work as a video camera assistant at broadcasting centers about 12 years ago.
At the time I sometimes visited my father in hospital. He was always very inteligent and enjoyed talking about me his youth as an actor. I do not have many pictures with my parents because they were tired of being looked by lens and did not like to be taken pictures in private time.
Recently my friend introduced me a man loves old Japanese movies and is familiar to my father’s works. We both hope that such old movies will be available on DVDs not only for fun but as record of movie history in Japan (I have some of my father Juzaburo Akechi’s photos in my website:
I planned to write about my father on this blog. Coincidentally and unfortunately Tetsuro Tanba, a famous actor my father played with in films passed away yesterday. I saw his latest active faceon TV, he was in hospital and it reminded me the moments I was with my father.
I found a picture of Tetsuro Tanba and my father. After he got relaxed in the spiritual world my father would visit him with bottles of sake.

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Akihabara fusion

Here is an old Russian camera I was given by my friend last night. He is a collector of cameras made in Eastern World and kindly gave me one of his collection for use in Lithuania. I am afraid my digital camera will not work in very cold temprature so that I also have to bring some full-manual camera for safety. It is sad that Nikon has stopped coldproof service for users so that most of cameras,even the Russian camera are same in the use in cold places. It is also fun in Lithuania that I will buy cameras for myself and look for unique cameras for him.
We met in Akihabara and there are many fun places like PC shops, videogame arcades and curious people. Maid cafe became a new symbol of Akihabara and neoteny.

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New photos with new style

I added new photos and links on my website:
Kazuma Ohara: Mr. Ohara not only designs but also creates beautiful dresses by himself. I took photos for his new website.
BAR AMRTA: I was introduced to the owner of the bar by my friend and we decided that I take photos of the guests there without their approval and exhibit them on the wall space. The bar is located in Nishiazabu (central Tokyo), sophisticated and cool, and it was a good opportunities for me to take new style of photos very different from my previous works. In fact, some of my friends, fans and clients could hardly believe that I took such photos.
Links: Mr. Michihiro Ohata is a wonderful singer. Ms. Kaoru Kurosaki and Yuko Tsukishiro are my artist friends.
大原 数馬:デザインだけでなく美しいドレスの制作も自ら行なっている。彼の新しいHP用に撮影。
BAR AMRTA:知人にオーナーを紹介され、お客さんを許可なしで撮影してそれを展示することにした。西麻布にある粋で素敵なバーで、過去の作品とはまるで違う写真を撮影できたことは、素晴らしい経験になった。事実、友人やファン、クライアントの中には、私がこのような写真を撮ったことが信じられないという人もいた。

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Ancestral power

My mother, nearly 70 years old is still active and professional. It is natural that I have taken over her independence and ambitions.

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Project “4649″

My friend Kaytea ( has started a new Showa-style punk rock band project “4649″ with her firends and I took their promotional photos at a studio in Omotesando last night. She also has been in photography for a long time and I was happy she liked my works.
It is absolute and simple that we enjoy our life and love our jobs. We can hardly commit immediate suicide like recent young psychopathic killers and old men who lost their spirits in this country.

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Beyond the window

What do you see beyond the window?
What can you do beyond the window?
And before then, are you aware of the barriar?

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Swinging arts the gathering

Swing Arts ( gathered thier business patners and clients with swinging arts at a party last night.
We all keep swinging, we always all work it out.

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We were video game test players

My photo exhibition finished and I would like to say thanks to all visitors and who contacted me for inquiries. I will add the photos in my website in this month.
I was invited to a dinner party at an author Ms. Kaoru Kurosaki’s place ( She wanted visitors to play a video game for refernce of her next scenario writing. There was a president of a manufacturer of the video game and his assists were so helpful in play. Of course it is fun playing video game with friends.
Latest video games are full of excellent sounds and graphics. However, I usually prefer old-fashioned ones created with ideas and uniqueness born from hard ware restrictions.

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