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New Photos “Lithuanian Kids” are added on my website.
Mix fresh milk with a whisk by hand over 1 hour and it gets whipped. Put it in a big glass bottle, shut up and shake it by hand over 1 hour. The mixture is separated and butter is made.
Making homemade butter was a tough work. I spent a long time for it after dinner at a children’s home in Elektrenai. In Lithuania there are over 300 child-care institutions and approximately 5,000 children are living there. The place I stayed was also one of them and the kids there live together without their alcoholic/drug addicted parents. I joined a project to support the kids and the institutions and keep visiting them and taking photos. We will have a photo exhibition in September and it will travel several places.
When I was small, mid-teen, my father was alcoholic and he was just a miserable old man without fatherly pride and the past glory. I was sick of seeing my parents fight everyday and hopeless. One day I could not stand seeing my father’s drinking and I put a lot of salt in his glass. He smiled and drank it over. My wish to help him transformed into an urge to kill him at the moment. My family got separated and I started living alone at last. I had a fit of depression and thought of suicide every day. I understand why my father became alcoholic now but could hardly at the time when I was too young to know realities in society of grown-ups. Perhaps, my father’s action with the glass with salt was a funny theatrical performance as a former actor.
I do not want to produce the kids as a symbol of sorrow and unhappiness. What I want people to know through the project is the reality of the kids and their needs. The needs, what are they? I believe the kids are living and suffered with inefficiency and I hope adults to teach that the kids have opportunities in many ways. That is my other role in the project.
The homemade butter was very tasty but I wished it contained salt. I do not need excessive amount of salt and dramatic interpretation.
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  1. Even my parents are not alcoholics, I also had tuff time in teens age, thinking about suicide every day, attempting it all over. Still it is hard to get rid of, and doubt, if that was lucky that attempts failed, still comes. >_<

    コメント by - — 2009/02/19 @ 21:10:23

  2. へー、そうだったんだ。私の子供のときと同じだわー。子供のときは私も大人のことが分からなくって、闇にいましたね。殺意もありましたよ。でも父亡くなった今では、父はとっても「苦しんでいた人間」なんだと思います。まあ、あの人生あって今の私ありで、自分のことが好きになれた今では、過去にも感謝してます。

    コメント by りこちゃん — 2009/03/24 @ 10:33:25

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